Vista internet access failing. Gateway

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For some reason, my internet access fails on Microsoft Vista Business 32-bit edition every time I reboot.  The main symptom is that it puts a default gateway of in the settings.

Why is it doing this?  I don’t think I am infected or anything.  It’s happened to another computer in my network as well.

My fix is to put the following into a batch file in my startup folder:

route delete
route add mask

I have no idea why this keeps happening.  I found alot of info on the net, but no one has figured out the root cause.


  1. Thanks for the tip. It was a temporary fix for me also. I am a contract consultant and I have this happen to me at various sites. I have not found the root cause yet, but if I do I will try to post it for you. Got to love vista.

    Andrew L. Oberlin

  2. Hi Glen, I have the same problem on my laptop. Every time I resume it from hibernation the default gateway is setted to Disabling and enabling the network interface works. I read comments about disabling IPV6 or applying KB 933872 (I have SP1 installed so I can’t apply that KB) but the issue remains. I will continue to search for a solution.

  3. Well, I should try it but in the problem, my case, occurs when I resume the O.S. both from sleep or hibernate state so the startup folder is not executed. I should tun the batch every time I get the problem. I found other scripts based on netsh that work as well but I would like to investigate on the source of the problem. This issue first occured about two months ago: before that date (even with Vista SP1 installed) my laptop worked without problems. No changes in the network (same router, same DHCP server, same switches). I found lot of people in that have the same problem due to different reasons. Many thanks for your feedback.

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