What’s a Financial Crisis?

I heard this story on NPR about the credit crisis and financial meltdown.  It was a clear objective view of what happened.  No one was demonized or blamed.  It was a collective system that led to this outcome.  I learned more about finances during this episode than I have in whole life.

It’s worth the time, I promise.  It’s on This American Life.  Click the Full Episode link on the left of that screen.  Also check out this followup piece.  Outstanding journalism.  They should win a prize for it.

3 replies on “What’s a Financial Crisis?”

NPR is one of the most impartial new organizations out there, no matter what Bill O’Reilly says. They don’t take anyone’s side, and will gladly report on anything newsworthy, no matter who’s sitting in the White House. (They were one of the first to go after Bill Clinton in the 90’s for his improprieties.)

I think it was Stephen Colbert who said, “Facts have a liberal bias”. For that reason NPR could be considered liberal.

500 years ago, the prevailing opinion was that the world was flat. You were a liberal if you thought otherwise. I always get annoyed when things like this happen. The world IS spherical. There shouldn’t be opinion about it.

I feel this way TODAY about evolution, global warming/polution, energy policy and a host of other issues. Why are the facts liberal, and the lies/denials conservative and the accepted policy is in the middle (some lies, some truths). Can’t we just accept the facts? Ok, done ranting. 🙂

Whatya think?