Which stall?

When you are at work, do you go to the bathroom and use the exact same stall every time? Do you get annoyed if someone is in YOUR stall? What made you choose that particular stall?

On another note: President Bush said that Kerry would erase gains made in the past four years in the economy and U.S. security.

What gains??

One reply on “Which stall?”

I always examine it Princess Bride style. For example, well, any person in a rush to go would use the first stall so I can clearly not choose that one, but they would probably also assume that, they would go to the next one, so i can clearly not choose stall #2 (there are 5 total). A smart man would go all the way to stall #5, but my co-workers are pretty smart, I’d count on it, so I clearly can’t choose #5. A strong man could go with #3, but in studying i have learned that man is mortal and the threat of being surrounded on all sides would be too great, so i can clearly not choose #3. But I have to assume that they all have known this so i can clearly not choose the remaining stall, #3. Look? What’s that over there? (I run into stall #3 and come out alive). You ask how I survived? Well I spent the last several years sniffing glue and going to rock concerts, so I no longer have the ability to hear or smell, thus my experience is clean and pleasant.

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