Why have a server?

Why do I have a mail server and a web server in my garage?
The servers cost (when I bought them) about $1200 each. Hosting of email is pretty cheap. Less than $50 a year. Hosting of Web is also pretty cheap. With a $2400 budget, why do I bother buying when I can host with someone else and not have to worry about the details of server admin. When the power goes out, my mail fails. When the DSL goes dead, the website fails. Why do I bother?

I guess I could make the argument that it keeps me sharp with Windows system administration, but I could do that on a single workstation. I probably would be more experimental with a system that isn’t system critical. Or I might not do it at all, since there is no need.

I suppose at one point I was considering steering my career towards the sys admin side. Then having my own setup would be more beneficial in “keeping me sharp”. But since I don’t, I think I do not REALLY need to have servers at home. I could have commadot and kokopop all set up somewhere else. So, I guess, I will let nature take its course. The servers will get old over the next few years. Maybe a good time will be the next move in 2+ years. When we move in 2007/8, I will quietly transfer the hosting over to some place and then decommission the servers.

Hmm, why does this feel sad to me?

One reply on “Why have a server?”

Your servers are yours, all yours. You built them, you designed them, you birthed them. Why would you want to hand them over to someone else. They are part of you (in a literal sense if you bleieve you are a cyborg), and it is natural to want to keep your you-ness with you as you move your you towards a future you-itude.

Whatya think?