Winning the Internet: Vitamin D Edition

Someone just told me they were Vitamin D deficient. I immediately Googled “How to get vitamin D”. (This is what I do, don’t ask.) What is shocking to me was the first link.  It’s the Vitamin D Council. There is a whole non-profit, a council dedicated to Vitamin D. You get Vitamin D from sunlight or supplements.  Here is their history blurb:

The Vitamin D Council was formed in 2003 by current Executive Director John J Cannell, MD. He believed that there were likely bad consequences in getting so little sun exposure (cough, vitamin D deficiency) and wanted to do something about it. So, he founded the Vitamin D Council to educate the public on the importance of sun exposure and vitamin D.

So already, I was like, “Wow, they have everything on the web!”. But then I dug a step deeper.  They have a Twitter account.


Now I have, in this one picture I have several major questions…

  1. Four thousand tweets about Vitamin D?? How the hell do you sustain that?!
  2. Fourteen thousand followers?! Who the hell follows them?!
  3. There is a Vitamin D Day?!? Who is celebrating this holiday? Are there really people who celebrate Vitamin D day? How do you meet these people?

Then I saw this article from Quora asking of the Vitamin Council is legit. It seems like they aren’t trying to sell anything more than membership, so I think it’s legit. On the other hand, I have no idea why you would pay $1000 to be a lifetime member of the Vitamin D council. Right now, my head is spinning.

This is freaking me out. So I asked, “Are there other councils for other vitamins? Is there a Vitamin C site? DUH! Yes there is a Vitamin C site!

Holy crap, that is such an ugly site. Vitamin D is kicking Vitamin C’s ass! They are claiming that Vitamin C deficiency is the #1 cause of death! WHAT?!?  Now this site looks like a scam. You can purchase supplements there. Vitamin D is much more educational. Vitamin C sucks!

Do a Google search for any vitamin and you get Vitamin D. They are winning the internet right now. For all the work they do on the internet, it’s a miracle they get enough sunlight.

The internet has everything. I need to go outside.


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