With the Greatest of Ease

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I am flying through the air, 400 miles per hour and 50,000 feet above the ground.  No net.  My legs are pressed up against a steel bar in front of me.  I am being mildy shaken like an infant being held.  This is a good time for thinking.

In the airport, I picked up a book, Born Standing up, by Steve Martin.  I just finished it.  It was a quick read, under 4 hours.  I had heard a brief interview on NPR about the book and was intrigued.  Steve Martin has fascinated me for a long time and now I understand why.  The book was fantastic.  I was interested on every page. At the end when Martin described his parents dying, I almost started crying.

The book made me think deeply about my own journey, my relationship with my family and my career.  I have always thought, maybe without cause, that I was special.  I joke about it, but the truth is in there.  I wasn’t appreciated as a kid.  My uniqueness looked more like obnoxiousness or nerdiness.  Koko Interactive was a crazy ride, but I still feel that I haven’t hit my true stride.  I have something special to do.  Someone special to be.

In the midst of that vanity, the book made me think about my three sons.  What kind of father will they remember when they are old?  I am too rough with them.  I push them too hard to be extraordinary.  What if one of them becomes famous and I end up not being special at all?  Will I feel jealous?  Angry?

Every moment of my life I have always been looking around me.  I try to see the things that are there that other people don’t see.

A man to my left has a Amazon Kindle.  I am watching him use it to evaluate the experience.  It looks horrible to my eye.  Screen resolution is not high, the action is fidgety and not natural.  The keyboard looks oddly angled.  Why does it need a Keyboard??

Another man is reading The Da Vinci Code.  I can still remember feeling absolutely annoyed by the book and vowed never to read fiction again. Small paperback edition.

These seats (United Air) are so close to gether and small.  Why does flying have to be this painful?

A long time ago, I dedicated a portion of my life to the pursuit of Wisdom.  I feel Steve Martin gave me a tiny bit today.  Thanks Steve.


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