WordPress 2.3

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WordPress 2.3 is out. I downloaded it and upgraded. Bam! I was going to wait for the fantastico upgrade, but decided to just push the envelope. The upgrade process is so smooth and pain free. I really have to hand it to those guys, this is a great product. I admit I haven’t used all of the alternatives out there. However, WordPress leaves me wanting nothing. It’s one of the few products that I don’t actively wish it were better.

Best of the new features: A button to have more choices in the editor. It was a pain to change the font. Hmmm. Where is the font size button? Man, come on. Why do they insist on limiting those buttons. I need to add them in or something. I know there is a JS hack for it somewhere around here. TheH3 button makes the whole paragraph bigger.

Ok, so many it has 1 or 2 little tweaks. But still, great product! Thanks!

Hmm, I still notice in FF that it gets JS errors once in a while. Not sure what that is about. Oh well. 🙂

Whatya think?