WordPress 2.6 and Gravatar

Wow, that was fast.  WordPress 2.6 is released.  I actually had trouble with it for the first time ever.  I downloaded the ZIP file and it had errors.  I then tried the TAR file and it worked like normal, magically and instantly.  This is my first moment using it, so I haven’t seen specifics about the experience.  The WYSIWYG editor “looks” the same, but apparently it’s been upgraded.  It still uses some PrototypeJS, but it has an up to date version of jQuery.  I’ll look around.

Also, this theme uses Gravatars.  I find them pretty cool and easy to use.  Just go to the site and register your email.  Then upload a photo.  That’s it.  Then whenever you post on a board that uses Gravatars, your pic will show up.  You don’t have to upload a photo of yourself, you can upload a picture of a monkey, but the point is that you get to personalize.  I think it’s neat.

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