WordPress 2.6

WordPress 2.6 is getting ready to go into beta.  I’ve said this beofre, but WordPress to me is just a fantastic program.  The design of the UX including the UI, IA, upgrade process, plugin process, html editing, is just world class.  I am continually inspired by how a program can work in such a smooth and pleasant way.

Writing a post is fun.  I am looking forward to installing 2.6.

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I am a huge wordpress fan. Love it!

But there are a couple of “UI” things that were slightly irritating to me after 2.5 and here are the plugins I use to fix ’em (thought you would appreciate them):

On a big honking monitor what a waste to have various composition boxes be hard coded! Here’s the fix…

2.5 made it harder to find the menus and makes me click a lot more than I want to. Hurray for:

And before this plugin a non-techie like me could never upgrade, now press a few buttons and bam! I am on a new version:

WordPress rocks! And the wonderful people who create plugins rock even more!!


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