WordPress Upgrades

I am starting to think that I should redo my theme from scratch so I can take advantage of the sidebar widgets and also get a design made by me.  However, since that is a project I really don’t want to take on right now, I made some minor upgrades.

First were the comments.  I added a plugin so that you can subscribe to the comments of a particular thread.  This was a major shortcomming that I really didn’t think about it.  Poor usability.  One thing I noticed lately was that I stopped getting email notifications of the comments.  This is a pain in the ass.  I would have responded a bunch.  I have to figure out what is going on there. I went through the settings and tried to tighten up the screws.

Second is a RSS Feed using Feedburner.  This used a plugin too.  Truthfully, I have very little idea of how this thing works.  Check the link at the bottom of the page.  If you use a feed reader, you might be interested in the link at the bottom of the page.

I have alot of plugins working now.  A few too many to keep track of.   I am sure I will clean up one of these days.

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