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Since moving to San Mateo, I have adopted a new regiment of exercise. First off, I bike to work. 2.5 miles each way. This saves us the cost of a second car/gas/insurance, plus I am helping the environment. And the exercise is good for me too.

Second, we have decided to try to do our own gardening. This weekend, I mowed my first lawn. We do not have a big lawn, but it took a long time. The growth was exactly 3 weeks and the blades of grass seemed to be upwards of 18 inches. I purchased this electric lawn mower. The gas powered one was cheaper, but Katie thought that gasoline in the house was a bad idea. I agreed. The lawn mower choked every 3 feet because the grass was too much. So I started with the lawn mower in the setting which raised it high above the grass. Then I raked up the grass and put it in the yard waste container. Then I mowed it again in the low-to-the-ground setting. Then I raked up that load of grass and put it in the container. Then I bought a weed whacker and trimmed all the areas (edges) that the mower couldn’t reach. Finally I raked up that batch and put it in the container. I used sunscreen, but still managed to burn my foot. Speaking of my foot. I stained the whole thing green. I was barefoot. Is that a bad idea? What shoes do you wear for gardening? I took a bath and stained the bath green too. This was the single most intense work out I have had. I think.

A gardener costs $50 a month. It will take me about 7 months to make the investment worth while financially. The robotcut payed for itself in 2 cuts. I think I need to mow the lawn every week to stay on top of it. If I do it that way, I could “mulch” the grass and not rake it up. I think.

We also bought a TV this weekend, which ends out 3 week hiatus. Additionally, I needed a modern directv box to get the full HD benefits. The price was highway robbery, but you do what you have to do to watch the Jets in HD. I am going to receiving every game in HD, so maybe this is a good year to resurrect the pool.

Just a word to my wife: I will not be mowing the lawn on Sunday during football season, so do not make plans for me on Saturday. I will be mowing the lawn that day.

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DISH, although I had tons of problems with them, is cheaper for HD that DirectTV (it think it was $250 for DISH and $1,000 for DirectTV. Anyway, good luck with your wacking.

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