WTF per Minute

I saw this image on Coding Horror by Jeff Atwood, which borrowed it from Thom Holwerda. on this page.  I redrew the image using Balsamiq.

Since, I saw it, I have been internally using this metric for a slew of other topics besides code.

  1. American Idol.  For each contestant, I used this metric to measure how much I liked them.  Almost all of them had at least 2 per song.  Several had 3 before they even started singing.
  2. Pundits on MSNBC.  While watching Keith Olberman or Chris Matthews, pundits often come on with riddiculous statements.  WTF/M was a perfect measure of how good of a pundit it was.
  3. Kids playing together.  You would be shocked if you were inside my head.  It’s a schmorgisboard of WTF.  Why did you just hit him??  WTF!  Why can’t you just be nice to him!  A simple game of catch turns into a shoving match.
  4. Netflix movies.  We really liked “Lars and the Real Girl” but some movies, (you know who you are!) just have WTF/M rates through the ceiling.
  5. Meetings.  I have started counting in my head during a meeting.  Some meetings are good with just 0.2 WTF/M, others…not so good.
  6. Software (Using it, not building it).  This might be my favorite.  For example:  Mint: 0.1, Quicken Online: 10 (I had issues with it)

Maybe I curse too much in my head.  What other things could you measure quality with this universal metric?


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