2019 Predictions

Generally, I like to write these down so I have a record of predictions made. Here we go, 2019 will see the following occur: (in no order)

  1. Trump will not be impeached. There will not be enough support from Republicans and Democrats will fear a backlash. However, his foundation and businesses will get a lot of scrutiny and fines. He may lose a tremendous amount of wealth this year. Back taxes may equal hundreds of millions of dollars or more. I think there is a decent chance his children require a pardon or face jail time.
  2. Bitcoin will recover. Cryptocurrency will eventually be a big thing. I predict within 10 years that the US government offers its own cryptocurrency. It will eventually settle down and be less volatile.
  3. Microsoft continues to do well and Apple starts to falter. Microsoft ends the year as the biggest company in the world. Amazon also continues to grow grow grow.
  4. Spider-Man Into the Spider Verse will win the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. That movie was awesome. I’m seeing it again, in 3D, tomorrow. Also, it might win other categories, like music score. Possibly cinematography.
  5. Warriors win the NBA championships. Go Dubs! If this prediction is false, I predict my wife will be perturbed for at least 2 months after the season ends.
  6. The next season of Tennis (major opens) will see a new crop of winners. In other words, NOT Federer, Nadal, or Djokovic. Age finally catches up with them. I will still be rooting for Fed.
  7. Beto O’Rourke wins the democratic nomination for president (and beats Trump in 2020). Trump fends off Republican primary competitors. Beto better not suck. Also Bernie better not kill his chances.
  8. Racism is still rampant throughout the year. Trump is their king.
  9. Ruth Bader Ginsberg stays healthy. PLEASE GOD!
  10. Climate change gets worse. Congress does nothing. Eventually, we are going to do the silica spray in the atmosphere to cool things.
  11. Figma continues to take over from Sketch and Invision. I love Figma.
  12. Loki didn’t die in Infinity Wars. He was disguised as the Hulk and Bruce Banner the whole time. Trickster! All the dead people will come back through time travel nonsense. Iron Man will sacrifice himself and die.
  13. Game of Thrones will end with Jon Snow becoming the new night king. He is gonna kill Daenerys probably. George RR Martin will release his next book late in 2019.

Any predictions you want to include? Leave them in the comments.

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