CompUSA Closing

CompUSA is closing it’s doors.  Apparently they are being liquidated.  So now is the time to purchase electronics if one is near you.  Maybe a color printer!

It’s amazing to me how long it takes for predictions to come true.  In the 80’s they said, “Computers will make a paperless office”.  We still aren’t paperless, but we are alot closer than we used to be.   The other prediction in the 90’s was, “The Internet will kill the brick and mortar store”.  It has been very slow on that front too.  First Tower closed all their stores, and then that game store and now CompUSA.  Barnes and Noble is still doing well, maybe surprisingly.

Personally, I got confused between CompUSA, Circuit City and Best Buy.  They all look the same to me.  Maybe Best Buy looks a little nicer.  And of course, online, they all look the same.  The UX of these shopping experiences has stagnated in the last few years.  Besides reviews, it seems that the experience is boring and routine.  I also don’t trust the reviews.  Too often, they seem like shills.  And the experience with lunarpagesreviews has made me diminish trust for all reviews.

Boy, all this cynicism.  I am usually the glass is half full sort of guy.

UX Wish list for electronics online stores:

  1. Virtual use.  Some sort of robot that i can control and try out the interface of anything.  Especially stuff with a software component like a firewall.
  2. High Res Zoom.  Stop showing me tiny pictures.  I want giant pictures.  Bigger!
  3. Reviews that can be grouped and searched independently.
  4. Richer UI for shopping.  Come on, I was promised Flashy cool shopping.  Someone work it out!   It’s been 10 years and I am still clicking “add to cart”!
  5. Better visual design.  Who designs these sites?  They look like 1998 crusty lameness.

Katie is making Hanukah Latkes (potato pancakes) tonight.  She is nuts.

My mind is all over today.  Too much multitasking.

Whatya think?