Corporate Acupuncture

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In the corporate body, there are pressure points.  These pressure points can yield disproportionate gain (or pain) throughout the enterprise.  Corporate Acupuncture is the art of finding those pressure points and applying some UX love to generate big results.

Sometimes, the pressure points are due to individuals.  A great individual contributor can be leveraged on the right project to move the ball forward.  Other times, the topic itself is the pressure point.  For example, improving education UX can greatly reduce customer churn.

It even works on a micro-level.  On one team, sometimes an individual has a high level of charisma.  They can affect the overall team attitude.  Focus on them and you will raise the level of the entire team.

All of this is about being strategic with your time and energy.  Where can you make a difference?  Who can multiply your efforts into a more effective outcome?  What topics are really more important to helping the company overall. (What you decide NOT to do is just as important as what you decide to do.)

Be the little pin hitting just the right nerve and you can make alot more change than you think.

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