Creative Block

I’ve written six posts in a row and erased them all before publishing. They just didn’t seem all that compelling to me after I wrote them. I think I am having some form of creative block right now.

Things I deleted

  1. Why America is freaking me out right now
  2. Why we don’t need masks anymore in California
  3. Mentor platforms (ADPList and PlatoHQ)
  4. Designers from big companies
  5. Streaming service review
  6. Dark UX and TikTok

I don’t think I have written much about creative block. Thankfully, it doesn’t happen to me that often. Maybe I am getting old. I fear a day when my brain doesn’t work the way I expect it to. Ideas and creativity are central to my personal identity.

Anyway, who are you again? What was I saying?


One response to “Creative Block”

  1. Shalom Ormsby Avatar

    Ha! What helps you get through creative block? One thing that helps me is reminding myself that I don’t have to feel inspired in order to be creative. All I have to do is show up and keep experimenting with my tools. Or picking up a different tool, using it in different way. Often simply making contact with my tools helps pull me into the creative flow, even if I didn’t feel at all inspired beforehand. I see that you did exactly this by publishing this post. Nice work!

    I’d love to hear what you and other readers do to overcome creative block. Maybe we could crowdsource some new approaches that could help all of us…

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