CSS hacking

I was forced to do the unthinkable.  I used my first css hack.  I was trying to modify the style of an existing UL-LI structure as a row of tabs.  Everything was honkey-dory until I tested in IE6.  I looked at it and said, “Yuck”.  The LI’s were not stacking in a left-to-right format no matter what I did.  They expanded out all the way to the right.  When I tried to change the structure, the functionality attached to it (which I don’t quite understand) broke.  So I resorted to the unthinkable.

ul li{

Notice the slash (/) before the width.  This hides it from IE 7 and Firefox.  But IE6 picks it up fine.  These sort of hacks are not new.  I’ve seen lots of examples.  I just have never used one before.  I feel bad, but not that bad.  I mean, there is lots to do and it can’t all be perfect.

Anyway, I was thinking about when I should teach the kids how to program and make their own webpages.  Katie wants them to NOT have a computer at all.  I think they should have chips implanted directly in their skull.  Imagine having Excel built-in to your brain.  Sweeeet.

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It’s not that I don’t want them to have a computer. I just don’t want them to be addicted to stupid games on it!

Whatya think?