Digg for People

At first, I thought, “Yeah, that would be nice.  Digg for people.  Like a digital “Thank You”.  I did a quick Google and saw that a company is doing that for some people.  The comments at the bottom are incredibly pessimistic.  They are screaming Ego! Bad! Lame!  So I thought about it a little deeper.

I see the world moving more and more towards Digital Public Displays of Affection. Look at LinkedIn, and Facebook.  We are putting our faces and lives in the open and asking for feedback and appreciation.  Have you ever been called out in a meeting by the boss to be “thanked”?  It’s the same thing, but it’s a wider audience.

At Intuit, I would give spotlight awards to people I wanted to thank.  They weren’t worth anything, but they appreciated it nonetheless. People like to be thanked and appreciated.  I certainly did/do.  I gave one to visionary Bill Mirbach and he told me it was the only one he had ever received.  That is criminal.  If there was a digg for people, I would digg him.  And Avinash, and Dan from Turbotax, and Sean and Florence and all the people who had a positive effect on me.

One reply on “Digg for People”

As pessimistic as the Diggers are, they do have one valid point: praise from strangers is not terribly meaningful. Also, popularity contests are easy to game. OK, so two valid points.

However, I could see Gleamd making some serious bank if they were to white-label their technology and offer it to companies looking for a quick and easy way to implement workforce motivational tools.

Whatya think?