Digsby Instant Messenger

Kevin at work pointed me at a new Instant Messenger on the block called Digsby.

Installation was a little scary because it asks you if you want to install all this other junk.  I guess they need to make some money, but I clicked “decline” all the way through.  You have to make a digsby account, same as TrillianAstra.  The icon is cute, design seems solid.

Wow, setup was very easy.  Great experience there.  Options seem similar to other systems. The user interface design is medium.  I guess it’s fine, but once you use TrillianAstra, everything seems a little flat.

I REALLY like the Twitter/LinkedIn plugins.  This is exactly what i have been looking for.  This feature alone might be worth switching over.  Trillian needs to do something like this, it’s brilliant.  Wow, some really cool “alerts”.  The system provides very obvious affordances and has excellent right-clicking.  (I loves da right-click)

I am impressed.  So much so, that I think I am going to keep Digsby for a while.

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hello glen
Before you get on the site was a cloud that was moving ,could you send me the source code please


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