Election propositions, 2008

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Last year, I complained about too many California propositions and initiatives.  Clearly, no one was paying any attention.  There are a dozen new initiatives tomorrow.  The answer to most of them is “I don’t know!”  How am I supposed to know if the legislation will work?  So this year, I am making a stand and voting based on blind principle.  I am voting yes for anything “equal rights” or “energy” or “mass transit”.  Let’s see how that stacks up.

  1. Yes, mass transit.
  2. Yes, equal rights for chickens.
  3. Yes, equal rights for children.
  4. No, equal rights for teenage pregnant women. (I misread this at first)
  5. Yes, equal rights for non-violent drug offenders.
  6. Yes, equal rights for police.
  7. Yes, energy
  8. No, equal rights for same-sex couples.
  9. Yes, equal rights for victims.
  10. Yes, energy.
  11. Yes, equal rights for districts.  (Huh?)
  12. Yes, equal rights for veterans.

Is this a good way to vote?  As good as any other, I imagine.  I’ve read all of the election pamplett and all of the PRO and CON arguments and their rebuttals.  Why is it that half of the rebuttals use ALL CAPS TO SCREAM AT ME!  Yuck.

I tend to think that spending money on these sorts of things yields higher productivity and benefits.  Saving $1 is as good as making $1.  I want California to save as much money as it can.  So to do that, I want to invest in energy independance and mass-transit.  Plus, equal rights are good for the karma.  One day, someone may have a bond act to help out poor User Experience Designers.

Oh, I changed my theme for the next two days.  Go Obama!

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