Ethan and Hillary Clinton

The Marketo 2014 Summit has grown to enormous proportions.  It’s doubled and doubled so many times that over 5,000 people packed into the Moscone Center this week.  It funny how much work goes into it and exhausts us, while at the same time fills us with enthusiasm and energy.  Our customers really are something special and the whole experience was fantastic.

On Tuesday, the keynote speaker for the summit was none other than Hillary Clinton.  I was lucky enough to have all-access passes, and decided to bring my son Ethan (14) along with me.  He has been active in school politics and I thought he would like it.

We sat in the front row, middle-seats.  Literally, the closest seats to the speaker in the whole room.  I even took some photos of Ethan standing on the stage.

Hillary was extraordinarily natural and authentic on stage. She gave a seemingly unrehearsed relevant and engaging talk.  She was not at all the person I experienced watching TV of the debates last election cycle.  I wonder if presidential campaigns just make people who are normally easy-going into wooden statues.  I was left with a very positive impression.

Afterwards, Ethan and I were luck enough to get out photos taken with the former First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State.  He was ready to say, “Nice to meet you.” – take the picture and move on.  She stopped him and asked questions.  What’s your name?  What grade are you in?  He was totally star struck and could barely answer.  We have a few photos, but this one is my favorite.

ethanHillary2The look on his face is priceless.  Like, “I can’t believe this is happening”.

This one is good too.


He told her, “I’m going to run for class president.  This will help.”  She said, “It better!”  (She is really quick on her feet.)

The whole day had lots of great moments, but this one is special.  I’m blessed to have had the opportunity to provide this moment for him. I hope he remembers it next time I tell him to stop playing games.



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That is LOVELY. She is on my flight fairly often – I will definitely show her this post next time I see her – she’ll love it. 🙂

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