First word

Matt said his first word (I think). He said Abu Ghraib. He was very distinct and clear. I am just unsure why he chose to say that.

Could he be saying that Abu Ghraib is a sign of American willingness to be as brutal as any dictatorship and look the other way while still clinging to our moral superiority? Could it be an indictment of our own national character?

Or maybe he was saying that Abu Ghraib is a metaphor for the entire Iraq adventure. No WMDs were ever found, yet we went to war on this basic assumption and none other. Maybe Abu Ghraib is a symbol for our own deep desires to take perverted pictures of oppressed people while giving a smiley thumbs up sign. Does our government and media do the same thing? Look more body bags, say cheese! Is Bush leaning over the naked and tortured body of Iraq smiling right at the camera with the thumbs up sign?

Matthew clearly put a lot of thought into his first word. I think he may be a brilliant leader in the future. Helping us through our repressed sexual and violent urges towards a more utopian society. Matt, if you are reading this in the future…I believe in you.

Whatya think?