Flat Tire

Unleaded gas is now above $3 a gallon. Exxon Mobil is making unprecedented profits. In the past 2 years Exxon Mobile stock has gone from $31 to $58 per share with 12 dividends ($0.27 per share each time) during that period. Not bad. It seems logical. When the country is suffering from high gas prices, the gas companies should make a fortune.

I am glad that I ride a bike to a from work each day. Unfortunately, I got a flat tire. Well, it is the thought that counts. I think.

Lots to do this weekend. I should make a list.

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What amount the billions of US taxpayer money that the government is giving to these companies as part of the latest energy bill. Also, speaking of gas, I would like to thank California was bypassing the federal government and required more fuel efficient cars.

Whatya think?