Happy Birthday Matthew!

Ok, this is my new theme.  I hope it works for everyone.

Monday was Matthew’s birthday. On Sunday, we all went to Six Flag’s Marine World in Vallejo.  It was pretty fun.  Ethan wanted to go on the Roller Coasters, but he was 1 inch too short for them, thank god. (47 inches)  Jared and Matt had good times, but Ethan was so excited to be around so many people.  In lines for the rides, he would talk non-stop to girls in line beside us.  He loves people so much.

Matthew got a little heat exhaustion and threw up.   He was pretty happy though.  We had a good night’s sleep after that.  His language all of the sudden is getting really clear.  He is also eating a ton.  This marks the beginning of the terrible two’s.  His favorite word is no and he says it all the time.

One day, we will all be able to go to the tennis court and play doubles.  I am excited for that day.  Happy Birthday Matthew!  May you one day sleep in your own bed.

Whatya think?