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I posted a review to what seemed to be an objective hosting review website.  I got an email from the “editor” who talked to me about my experience.  It was obvious that I was a real customer and my problems were well documented. It turns out that these hosting review sites are sponsored by the hosts and not objective at all.  They rarely, if ever, post negative reviews.  Lunarpages has 20-30 min call wait times, which is much longer than any other service I have seen.  None of that is posted on the site.

Needless to say, they aren’t posting my well thought out, objective review.  I find it discouraging.  There are so many choices for hosts and so little guidance on the web.  I wish there was a consumer reports for web hosts where real customers could post their experiences.


  1. I found the same thing to be true while I was looking for a new host – there is no good place to find real reviews. I commented about it in my blog (see the post here.) I ended up going with HostMonster, and thus far (it’s only been a few weeks) it’s been a great experience. I’ve used Lunar Pages for a few freelance sites, and I have been extremely disappointed with teir customer service. I was using IXWebHosting for my personal site, and they should be avoided at all costs. That’s my two cents. I’ll try to keep posting on my blog about my new host, and I’d love to hear of any serious review sites.

  2. I didn’t check out A2. I definetely suggest siteuptime (or similar) to keep track of uptime. I’d love to hear the experiences after a month or two using.

    Thanks Rachael/Gabe.

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