Howard Stern

Howard Stern is leaving free radio and moving his show to Sirius satellite radio. I used to listen to the show alot from 1990-1995. After meeting Katie, I started listening more and more to NPR. NPR is very rewarding and fills my head will knowledge that I cherish, but NPR does not make me laugh.

Stern’s show made me laugh at everything. I remember fondly, the entertainment he provided me, while driving for 2 hours to get to Epic Records for my unpaid internship. I remember sitting in my car mesmerized at some crazy thing that was happening. I think he has made a significant impact on the entertainment industry. He made it ok to be self-referential, to talk about your life and the world around you. He made it ok to talk about each other in a more frank and open way. He literally loosened the mores of our culture.

I am not going to get Sirius radio yet. It is just too much money for 1 device and subscription. I would consider it for $5 a month, but not $12. Maybe one day the money won’t be as significant.

Anyway, I hope that Stern is a huge success and that this marks the beginning of satellite radio penetrating the mainstream. NPR is still my radio source, but I will miss the occasional chuckle.

Whatya think?