IE6 Update to Theme

I installed the Twin Helix PNG Fix and tried to tweak up my site for IE6.  I got most of the PNG files taken care of, but not all of them.  I need to refactor some of the classes to get it all working right.  In general, my approach is to add a class called PNG to everything that has a background image with a PNG in it.  I wonder if letting jQuery add those classes would be the best thing?  I doubt it would work, but I should try.

I still feel that the IE Team should be the ones delivering a unified “fix” for this problem.

The main problem I see is a JS error on line 177 of the HTC file.  Something about the positioning.

Unfortunately, I have little/no time to debug.  Ahh, the days when I could debug stuff like this.  I miss them.

UPDATE: I found a link to fix the JS error.

Whatya think?