Information Architecture FTW

I crushed it today. Yes, I’m not humble about this. No apologies.

Let me rewind. I’ve been working on the information architecture for the Engagio application over the past couple of weeks. This means that I am wrapping my head around the various objects you need to do Account Based Marketing. Think about a random big company, like General Motors. How are the different departments and people organized? It can be very complicated.

The goal of information architecture is to create a structure that make sense to users. A structure that allows you to accomplish your goals and remember where things live. It’s alot like designing a city.

Doing it can be frustrating. There are many different challenges. I imagine it like making a clay bowl. The key question is “Does it hold water?” Or logically, “Does this make sense?” Im glossing over the details of information architecture, sorry. Metaphors only.

Its a true puzzle, but like all other puzzles, solving it feels great. This is why I feel I crushed it today. The bowl held water. I am not even close to finished, but I made a major stride today. It makes me very happy.

I may be geeking out here, but doing my job well makes me joyous even if my job is fairly geeky. Sometimes, I imagine I have an audience and they all start cheering when I figure it out. Am I the one who does this?

When you nail a rubiks cube or figure out a game of solitaire, there should be a cheer. We all deserve it.

Yayyyyy. Ok, back to work.

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