Information Communication

I just watched this amazing video of this speaker at Ted.  He uses animation and charting techniques to really communicate information better.  I think this kind of software is just fantastic and has been designed with flair and genius.  Take a look.

I am looking forward to 2008.  I feel like it will be a banner year for the Lipkas.  My predictions:

  1. The Jets will do awesome in the draft and free agency.  They will have a solid team next year.
  2. Joe Biden will win the presidency. (I wish)  Well, a democrat anyway.  Dems will also make gains in the house and senate.
  3. Marketo will do very well.
  4. My book will finally get published. (Still working on it.)
  5. The kids will break the Wii we just got them.
  6. Iraq will still be a crazy place with our troops.  Bush will still be ignoring reality.
  7. Katie and I will take a vacation. (I wish!)
  8. Federer will break Sampras’ records.
  9. Matthew will learn a word besides Nooooo.
  10. The Shield will finally end.  Vic will have a “not” happy ending.


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  1. BillSaysThis Avatar

    Magic 8 Ball says #1 is unlikely, 3 very likely and help is available for 4 if you ask.

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