Internet Box + Predictions (1996)

Oracle, IBM, and Sun Microsystems are finally ready to show the world what the NC (Network Computer) can and will do for the world. Well, they are at least going to show what it looks like. Oooooh, shur looks perty, Pa. Les getum one fer ma!

Let’s look at this logically (Raise your eyebrows inquisitively like Mr. Spock).

The NetBox (my cute little name for it) will run an Operating System provided by Sun based heavily on Java. Oracle will do the promotions and IBM/other hardware guys will build the things based on a single spec. What does this tell us?

Well, first of all, it doesn’t run Windows. Not even Windows 3.1. Secondly, it has a very, very small hard drive almost completely unsuited for downloading software which you wouldn’t do anyway because most software runs on a Windows/Mac/Unix platform. You can only download Java apps and programs specifically designed for the NetBox. Its main functions would be email and Web browsing.

The whole thing would be proprietary and limited in scope. (Please read this sentence twice for emphasis, thank you.)

PREDICTION: The NetBox will sell a fair amount of units and spur the rise of many different versions of the NetBox including the TV/PC. I also predict a Windows/Intel version of the NetBox which rivals the Oracle version but enters the market in the typically Microsoft LATE way. If you are looking for a stock to gather: Check Cyrix. They make chips like pentium but better and cheaper. This may become a major factor in the coming months. And finally expect the Gateway Internet TV to drop its prices dramatically when Philips comes to market with a cheaper version leaning more towards the TV side.

Oh, I almost forgot. The Magic will fall to the Bulls in 7 games and the Jazz will triumph over the Sonics in 6, they are playing great!

Iomega will become the next floppy drive.

VDOphone will become a psuedo-standard in Internet Video Conferencing.

Clinton will do something dumb in his relations with China.

John McLaughlin will bash Clinton ruthlessly for this.

Eleanor will disagree.

OK That’s enough.

Mortonio Kondrake will wear a lame tie and Jack Germond will slide further off his chair.


What can I say, I’m a predictin’ fool!

Whatya think?