Jets Draft 2007

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I was close with my prediction. Adam Carriker went one spot before the Jets pick. I have mixed feelings about the draft. They got decent players, who will most likely start. But they also gave up alot of picks to get them. Statistics show that that you as much of a chance to find a great player in round 6 and in round 2. More picks is better (contrary7 to the Less is More theory).

However, the Jets consolidated their picks to get higher. The only drafted 4 guys. The Browns got 7 guys. Falcons got 11 guys. The Patriots got 9. It goes on and on. The Jets got the fewest picks in the draft. This is troublesome.

Well, we shall see. Hopefully the picks we got will stop the run. If we still can’t stop the the run, then we are totally screwed.


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