JHTC Presentation

The presentation last night went well.  Very talkative bunch, but they asked good questions.  I had a good time and hope they did too.

My slides can be downloaded here as a PPTX or PDF versions.  I don’t like putting them on Slideshare because they only support PPT, not PPTX.  I do things to my slides that are only supported in PPTX, like reflections.  I just tried SlideRocket.  Cool Flex UI, but unfortunately, it choked on my presentation and failed. 🙁  Maybe I should make one of those flash movies again?

My presentation uses a custom TrueType font.  It’s free use, so use it for whatever you want.  One of my main rules of presentations is to always use an interesting font.

Here is the presentation via SlideRocket. Had some trouble uploading, but they helped me get it live. Not sure why mine failed.

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