Katie and Ethan on a Mission

Ethan had a week off of school, so Katie decided to go on a road trip with him.  Just the two of them.  They are traveling down the coast of California visiting a couple of different Missions a day.  (A Mission is an old style church built during the colonization of California by the Spanish.)  They travel a hundred miles or so and then see a new Mission.  Each one has its own history and unique aspects.

At the end of the trip they will go to Disney Land.  Hmm, doesn’t seem to be congruent, but hey, its California.

I don’t think I had any trip like that growing up.  Most of the trips I went on were to Florida where we played alot of tennis.  Once, we went to Acapulco, but I was very little and just remember crawling in the sand trying to make it back to the hotel.  My ideal trip (in my mind) is to go to Hawaii or the Caribbean, where the water is warm and clear.  The sand is smooth and white.  Katie’s ideal trip is much different.  It has memories etched into your mind about seeing interesting things and meeting unique people.

She would rather hike a mountain than lounge by the pool.  After the trip to Tahoe, and hearing Ethan’s enthusiasm on the phone, I think I am growing to appreciate this new ideal of a vacation.  The adventure vacation.

What is most important is that you have stories to tell.  Clearly, this is the benchmark of a great trip.  Make sure when you plan your next vacation you ask yourself, “Will this be a story-friendly trip?”

On a related note, I wanted Yes-Man on DVD with Jim Carrey.  The premise is that he is forced to say YES to every opportunity.  Katie could have stayed home with Ethan, but she was open to adventure.  I’m glad she did.

Whatya think?