LinkedIn Last Name Hiding Sucks

I have been a huge fan of LinkedIn for many years.  How could you not have an up to date LinkedIn profile?  It seems to be a “must have” for working in today’s world.  Recently LinkedIn went public.  The first change I noticed was a new UI.  It wasn’t pleasant for me at all.  I didn’t think much of it at the time though.

The second change I noticed came today.  LinkedIn is blocking me from seeing people’s last names if they are not 1st or 2nd level connections.  (example of 3rd level connection: Glen L.)  Next to it is a link saying Learn More.  Here is the result:

So they give me two options.  First is to add a ton more connections and make as many people 2nd level as possible.  In other words, spam all my friends and create an enormous LinkedIn connection list.  I have been proud of the fact that I keep my LinkedIn connections to be people I actually know.  Now they are making this a negative.

The second option is to upgrade.  Guess how much!  $50 a month.  Only $40 a month if you pay for a whole year!  Are you f***ing kidding me?  That’s more than I pay for email, website, domain registration, HBO, extended Google storage, usenet and hookers combined.  That is an enormous amount of money for the value.  The system was working well for me until now.  This sucks.

To me, this is raw pandering to the recruiters.  I don’t want to accept every single LinkedIn invitation in the world.  I want to be discerning.  I only want connections for people I could say something sensible about.  This is what happens when a company goes public.  All common sense goes out the window.

Maybe what we need is a new social site for business?

One reply on “LinkedIn Last Name Hiding Sucks”

Wow, I have not yet noticed, but you are right. This sucks.

Well may be it is time to fill out your professional education, etc. on all the other Social networks you participate and feel comfortable with (Google+, Facebook, Plaxo, etc. [No statement here I’m comfortable wiht any of these]) and see where you find the most professional colleagues.

To be honest I’d say that Google+ has the chance to kick LinkedIn out of the running.

And yes, the “professional” account upgrades for LinkedIn were always only for someone that needs the connections (spams people) for a living.

Whatya think?