Live demos of my UX work

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I’ve been pretty excited about the work I have been doing at Marketo. The marketing automation platform we built has alot of really unique models. The way segmentation works is just beautiful. I am really proud of it. Additionally, the stuff coming out in the next few months is making it even better, faster, stronger.

If you would like to see how it works, the marketing guys do a 1 hour demo every week. Click the link and sign up for the date you want. It’s pretty easy to understand and anyone can signup to watch. Even my loving relatives.

Let me know what you think.

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  1. The Windows user interface / GUI has some well documented standards to code to. Are you working off any kind of Web 2.0 standards or is the Marketo interface a unique creation?

  2. Unique creation sounds so cool. However, very little UX is completely unique. It’s like cooking, or music. All the notes or ingredients already exist. It’s just putting them together in the right way that makes something great.

    Ive read the Windows and Apple specs. Most of the time, they have helpful items, with a few exceptions.

    A while back, I was trying to write a book on the subject. Unfortunately, work is taking too much time. Try the samples on this page though. It explains some of my approach.

    I am actually guest lecturing on Thursday at Stanford related to UX design and speaking at The Ajax Experience in Boston this fall on “UX Design for Ajax Applications”. This is definitely a passion for me.

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