Bush wins, Kerry loses.

I feel very similar to the way I usually feel when the Jets lose that game to knock themselves out of the playoffs. It is sad and frustrating and all too common.

However, every year I pick myself up and say, “This is it. This is the year we are going to win the superbowl.”

I also feel that whenever something bad happens, that something good in the future will balance it out. So in the end, I will have about 50/50 good-bad. So when something bad happens, I say, “Well, I have three great healthy kids. My wife is wonderful. I love what I do for a living. The weather is nice. I am healthy.”

What more can I ask for? National Healthcare? Well, I know in four years what I will say. “This is the one. This time we are going to win the big one!” It is in the darkest hours that one must count their blessings and find joy where it can be found.

Ok, now for some analysis. Kerry lost because:
1. He had less charisma than Bush. (See Glen Lipka Political Law #1 – Charisma wins.)
2. He couldn’t speak in layman. Most people are layman. You have to speak their language.
3. He focused on Iraq. He should’ve focused on the economy.

And Bush won because:
1. He painted Kerry successfully as a weak leader.
2. He energized the right MORE than the democrats energized the left.
3. Nice guys finish last.

If we are lucky the following will not happen in the next four years:
1. Abortion becomes illegal.
2. The draft re-implemented.
3. Nuclear apocalypse.

2 replies on “Losing”

and what if abortion becomes illegal and the draft is re-implemented, and we drop a nuke on Iran. What if the democrats say “maybe we should become more faith-based, it is out only way to maintain any power. What if the Patriot Act is expanded to remove more civil rights. What if Jeb Bush decides to run for President in 2008. Except for the draft, I say that all of these things are not only possible, but likely. As individuals, we have a choice, we can either sit back and except the will of millions of people who I have never met, have nothing in common with, and who fundamentally have different ideas about what this country is about. I feel used. Every time I pay taxes to the federal government, I will cheated. Yes, maybe we can just wait it out and hope for the best, but why? Isn’t it more likely that things will get worse than better. The only possibility is if the Republicans in Congress stand up to Bush and say “we supported you because we wanted you to win, but now that it’s over, the Congress is in charge and you are not. We make the laws, we control you budget.” But what are the odds of that happening. Most like the Republicans will jump on the faith-based bandwagon.

I think it’s highly likely we’ll be kissing abortion rights goodbye sometime in the next 4 years. The draft is also quite possible although the PNAC crew that runs Defense seems to think they don’t need one. Nuclear apocalypse – hopefully less likely, although I would not rule out the possibility of a suitcase nuke in NYC or DC.

I jut hope I am there if it happens – the prospect of once again having to watch helplessly from 2500 miles away as people I love die is not an appealing one.

Whatya think?