Lunch at GooglePlex

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Avinash, analytics and web guru, was kind enough to invite me to GooglePlex for lunch.  The food was good overall, the variety was outstanding, but it was the energy and the style that was most impressive.  I really appreciated the energy of the people and the way everything was arranged.  Everyone shared offices.  Everyone had two gigantic screens to work on.  I imagine the computers were very fast.  There were all kinds of fun things there.

I haven’t ever thought about working there, but being there made me feel, “Wow this place looks fun!”  Which is precisely what they want me to think.  The whole place is a recruiting scheme.  It’s like a college campus.  You make it look nice so people who visit want to be there.  They did a great job. (SGI built the place originally)

There was free food everywhere.  Free cookies, free drinks.  It was almost “pax romana” in the spectacle of it all.  I also think I would get lost if I worked there.  All these tunnels and stairs.  Too much for my simple brain.  The whole thing kept making me think, “Wow, all of this is built on AdWords.”  It feels like a slender reed to lean on to quote Al Smith.  I was thinking that their strategy right now is to give software away for free for the purpose of making Microsoft lose money, and not particularly to make money.  It might work.

I sort of feel like it was a trip to Disneyland.  They should do tours like Pixar.  I bet they probably do.   Anyway, thanks much to Avinash.  His new gig sounds really exciting.  He is truly an analytics rock star.  I hope my future is as bright as his.


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