Millionaire and Poopy

Yesterday, my brother’s fiancee was on Who wants to be a Millionaire? I have no idea how she got on the show, but it’s cool. They give you money just for answering trivia questions! You do have to listen to Regis though. Oh well, no such thing as free lunch.

Big news! Jared pooped on the potty this morning. We showered him in love and gave Ethan and Jared cookies. He looked so proud and shy at the same time. Like he was thinking, “I know that pooping in the potty is cool, but I am not going to be anyone’s dancing monkey! You don’t own me.” But the smile was there, hidden behind his lips. He gave me a big hug. Also Ethan is getting very close to wearing underwear to bed instead of pullups. Exciting!

It will be nice in 3 years (assuming no more bundles of joy??) when we don’t have any more diapers to change.

Whatya think?