More Flickr

Flickr is going well. I forwarded to our Flickr address so you dont need to remember a new thing. So far I have uploaded 1042 pictures taken from 1999-2003. I have about another 1500 to go from 2004 and 2005. I think.

I have been looking through the pictures and making sure the dates and the tags are correct. Some of these pictures are just hillarious. Remember how Friends, the TV show named their shows…”The one where Joey and Monica etc…”; I feel like these pictures should be named the same way.

The one where Ethan was flirting with the slutty girls in the bar.
The one where E&J were only wearing supermarket paper bags on their heads.
The one where Jared is a man eating chicken.

Memories. Ahhh. This is why we take pictures. To remember these things. I am going to make a DVD slideshow and send it to people. My only problem right now is getting the dates fixed up. They are all over the place.

Whatya think?