Most Memorable Sports Moments

ESPN, just released this list of sports moments. It seems that Michael Jordon is every fifth entry.

Anyway, they missed a bunch of great moments. Like when Jimmy Connors unbelievably beat Aaron Krickstein. It was the most unbelievable match I have ever seen. I was almost crying at the end. And I don’t even like Jimmy Connors.

Or the time Jimmy “SuperFly” Snuka jumped off the top of the steel cage onto The Magnificent Muraco. I used to have an animated gif of this jump, but I lost it. Anyone have it? Although this moment is only slightly better than when Roddy Piper hit Snuka in the head with a coconut. Crazy.

Or the 1998 Jets season they finished 12-4. With all those miracle comebacks in 2000!

Or how about when Ali beat George Foreman in the Ruble in the Jungle.

Or how about th 1982 Cal vs. Stanford game when the receiver ran into the band and spiked the ball on the tuba player!?

Anyway that’s just a few they seemed to miss.

Whatya think?