My Whole Body Hurts

My whole body hurts.  It hurts to type.  I played tennis yesterday and today for 2.5 hours each.  I joined a 4.0-4.5 league.  The competition seems right.

My physical game is ok, but my mental game is horrible.  I am constantly trying to STOP thinking about my game.  Whenever I am thinking about my game, I miss.  Whenever I am relaxed and just playing, I win.  I wont the first set 6-3.  Then on the first serve of the second set, I hurt my elbow a little.  (Going to the doctor tomorrow to have it checked out).  Then I played awful for a set, thinking all the while about every shot.  I lost the second set 7-5.  I checked my watch and saw that I had 30 minutes before Katie needed me to be home.  So I tried playing "fast" and lost 3 games in a row.  Finally, started to panic.  How was I going to win with only 20 minutes left?

I decided to go to net every single point so I could end the point sooner.  I also went for winners every point so that the points would go quick.  I was so distracted by the time, that I stopped thinking about my game.  I won 6 games in a row and ended at 3:01pm, just in time.

The lesson is:  You can’t play tennis and think about tennis at the same time.  You need to be distracted and think about anything else.  Thinking about tennis ruins your game.  Well, mine anyway.

Now my body feels like I got hit by a truck.  I need to lie down.  Ugh.

Whatya think?