New Chart

Today I suggested to Ethan that we start a new chart. We would use a calendar to mark down the values. Each day, in the morning we would say, “How is today going to be? (Scale 1-10, 10 being the best)”. Then, in the evening, I would ask, “How was today? (Same Scale)”. And we will also talk about the things that he did during the day.

I told him that the most important thing in the world is a positive attitude. Katie said, for people with no power, Hope may be the most important thing. I agree with her. However, for Ethan, right now, I don’t think he needs hope. I think he needs a positive attitude. So we are working on it. Along with tying his shoes, pronouncing TH and L properly.

I wonder if we will do the same thing for Jared and Matthew. Maybe we are overindulging our first born?

By the way, yesterday, I spoke with someone on the phone and they said they learned something from me during the conversation. It may not be the nicest thing EVER said to me, but it was very nice and made me feel good. Maybe I should mark down whenever anyone says something nice.

That would be an interesting blog to read to oneself later in life. Imagine a book you are reading on your death bed entitled, All the nice things people have said to me. It might not be a best seller, but I bet it would be worth writing.

Whatya think?