New Style Brutha!

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So after Danny slammed my style last time, I decided that needed a refresher.

First I started looking at WordPress themes.  After alot of looking, this one caught my eye.  I started hacking it from there.  I changed the graphics, the text, the order of some things.  Then I added jQuery and started messing around with hide/collapse.  I am hiding every post but the first one.  Not sure if this is good UX.  Need to think about it.

I found this great set of movies on Photoshop CS3.  They show this quick-select and refine edges tool that is really helpful.  I made the picture of Ethan and I very quickly with it.  It crashed a few times, but worked pretty well.

I am concerned that Internet Explorer 7 keeps crashing after the header loads.  I am having trouble figuring it out.   Need to investigate further.  I haven’t checked it yet in IE6.  I should probably do that.

Otherwise, I am very happy with the way it looks and works.  I need to add some more jQuery goodness to it.



  1. I came from Your theme looks great! 🙂
    I will see if the designer (who designed the theme) can add a search box somewhere in the theme as you suggested.


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