Nice Birthday Weekend

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The nice part of being born on May 22 is that it often lands on Memorial Day weekend.  Memorial Day weekend usually has pleasant weather and lots of activities to choose from.  On Saturday, we lounged around the house all day and watched TV and napped.  Oh, what a wonderful day.

Sunday, we went to see Spamalot. ¬†Katie got us front row center seats. ¬†I have never seen a show this way. ¬†It was really interesting. ¬†It sort of felt like I was watching a rehearsal. ¬†I don’t think I would advise front row seats though. ¬†If I were choosing seats in an empty theatre, then I would definitely back up a little. ¬†Maybe even front row of the mezzanine. ¬†From the front of the orchestra, I could see their wigs and the stage props too closely. ¬†It sort of burst the illusion of the play. ¬†Also, being so close is sort of like being in the front row of a movie. ¬†You have to turn your head left and right. ¬†You can’t just focus on the whole of the stage.

The play itself was alright.  I am a big Monty Python fan, but I found the play a little derivative.  The crowd clapped before even hearing the joke.  It was an homage to Monty Python, not originally funny.  It had some new stuff, but not enough.  I enjoyed myself, but the play left me a little disappointed.  Nonetheless, it was a great present.  Thanks Katie.

We had dinner at Ponzu near the theatre.  We arrived WAY too early for the show, but luckily, the dinner lasted over 2 hours.  Slowest service EVER.  They kept my water glass full, so that was nice.  The food was tolerable, but not great.  I gave it a C+.  I would look elsewhere.

Monday, we went to Fry’s Electronics because my in-laws got me a gift certificate there. ¬†I ended up getting Katie a present instead of me. ¬†We bought her the iPod Touch 8G. ¬†Fascinating device. ¬†It has alot of features. ¬†It syncs with Google calendars, contacts, email and tasks. ¬†It plays music (of course). ¬†Most importantly, it has the App store, where there are many good applications. ¬†I downloaded a slew of free ones. ¬†So far, it’s great. ¬†My only complaint would be that it has a GPS built in so that it could give better directions. ¬†Still, great device.

We played tennis with the kids twice.  We cleaned up a little.  All in all, it was a fantastic weekend.  I am a lucky man.  I hope your weekend was pleasant as well.


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