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In my never-ending project to upgrade Katie to the latest greatest technology, I have come up against an old piece of software.  Microsoft Outlook 2007.  The time has come to retire this vestige of 20th century programming.  The thick client must go!  Thin Web client must come in.  Gmail is providing the Email part.  Google Calendar has been a pleasant experience so far for our family scheduling.  The last thing to pry out of Outlook is contact management.  Google?  What do you have for me?


Google has absolutely no contact management?  What the heck is that about?  I have heard rumors that the next version of Gmail will include contact management. But how could they have missed this?  I can’t wait for the next version of Gmail, can I?  Obviously not!

So I looked around and found a decent candidate.  Plaxo. I hesitate though.  It says it’s free, but is it REALLY free?  What are the negative side-effects.  I am trying to drive Katie crazy with upgrades, but also please her with a better overall experience.  I don’t want regression in experience.

Any suggestions for online contact management?  I will update on the results. The search continues…

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Plaxo garnered a terrible reputation a few years ago for being horribly spammy in how it handled contacts uploaded. They’ve improved that significnatly since then, though.

I looked at Plaxo recently when they released their new version but gave it up when I found how crappy their support for Thunderbird was.

Whatya think?