Net Losers

Recovered from – Mar 19, 1997 News happens everyday. Today Microsoft did something and Netscape responded with blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda. Sometimes, like today, the news isn’t that interesting. I am the first one to be shouting out predictions for every news article to hit the Associated Press, but today…who cares if Microsoft…Continue readingNet Losers

Virtual Space

Recovered from – Mar 18, 1997 A few months back VRML made its debut in a hot flash of excitement which quickly dwindled to a dull florescent glow of light praise. The problem was that the only thing you could look at was a 3D view of a giant N. No one else was…Continue readingVirtual Space

Alliance Week

Recovered from This week has officially been dubbed: Alliance week. America Online has allied itself with Netscape, then agreed to make Microsoft Internet Explorer the de facto browser for all AOL users come this spring. AT&T is talking with AOL as well as Compuserve who is also talking with Netscape and Microsoft. Microsoft allied itself…Continue readingAlliance Week

Microsoft / AOL deal

Recovered from Well it seems final: Microsoft Internet Explorer will be the proprietary browser for the 5 million (and growing) America Online users and the next version of Windows 95 will include easy access to the online service via a desktop folder. The good news for Netscape is that this affiliation won’t hit desktops…Continue readingMicrosoft / AOL deal

AOL Possibilities

Recovered from America Online is kicking ass. I think we all remember not too long ago when AOL was in third place behind Compuserve and Prodigy. Now with 5 million members, AOL is wheelin’ and dealin’ with the big boys. Both Microsoft and Netscape have sent out press releases claiming alliances with AOL. (See…Continue readingAOL Possibilities

Free Long Distance

Originally posted March 12, 1996 Microsoft and Intel announced Monday, March 11, 1996 that they are going to push for better hardware standards to make audio/video phones over the internet more available to the public. Forget about tax breaks. No Long Distance! Here is the prediction for the Internet in for the Fall of 1996:…Continue readingFree Long Distance

AOL upgrade

Originally posted Mar 9, 1996 FINALLY! America Online has announced plans to upgrade their popular proprietary software. The web browser that some consider the worst in existence will support backgrounds, tables, HTML 3.0 , and yes the <CENTER> tag! It gets even more interesting with America Online negotiating with Netscape and Microsoft to possibly license…Continue readingAOL upgrade

MS Internet Explorer 3.0

Originally Posted Mar 8, 1996 Microsoft is going to release (real soon) their Internet Explorer version 3.0 (alpha of course). This version will include java support, Visual Basic support, frames, real audio, inline avi, marquee text, VRML, email, and newsgroups. Its code name should be Netscape killer. When it comes out, do not ask for…Continue readingMS Internet Explorer 3.0

Macromedia (a.k.a.’s first post)

Originally Posted Monday, March 4, 1996. Macromedia announced the long awaited successor to its award winning multimedia program. Director 5.0 will hit the streets at an estimated $900 US. Director 5.0 will be the first upgrade in several years with many badly needed new features. See the copy from Macromedia here. What does this mean? It…Continue readingMacromedia (a.k.a.’s first post)