MS Internet Explorer 3.0

Originally Posted Mar 8, 1996 Microsoft is going to release (real soon) their Internet Explorer version 3.0 (alpha of course). This version will include java support, Visual Basic support, frames, real audio, inline avi, marquee text, VRML, email, and newsgroups. Its code name should be Netscape killer. When it comes out, do not ask for…Continue readingMS Internet Explorer 3.0

Macromedia (a.k.a.’s first post)

Originally Posted Monday, March 4, 1996. Macromedia announced the long awaited successor to its award winning multimedia program. Director 5.0 will hit the streets at an estimated $900 US. Director 5.0 will be the first upgrade in several years with many badly needed new features. See the copy from Macromedia here. What does this mean? It…Continue readingMacromedia (a.k.a.’s first post)