Politically Incorrect

This blog will be the most politically incorrect thing I have written. I will understand if you do not wish to read any further.

Have you seen the recent news articles about hot teachers being arrested for having sex with their 13-16 year old students?

Pamela Rogers Turner (Beauty pageant winner) – Nine months in prison for doing it with a 13 year old student. More photos.

Kristen Margrif faces up to 15 years for knockin books with her 16 year student.

Debra Lafave pleads INSANITY during her escapades with her 14-year old student. More Photos.

Sandra "Beth" Geisel, aged 42, arrested for having affairs with multiple 16-year old students. More Photos.

Janice Niemi was convicted (2.5 years in prison) of having an affair with her 14-year old student. He is 19 now and has resumed relations with her.

May Kay Letourneau, aged 34, had sex 300-400 times with 13 year old. AND HAD HIS CHILDREN! The happy couple.

My god! Look at this list!

I want to be perfectly clear: These boys are the luckiest kids on the face of the earth.

Also, make no mistake, if they were girls and the adult was a man, I would be saying: This guy is sick and the girls are victims of terrible abuse.

I can’t help it. It was a dream all through school of doing it with the hot teacher. There was a song by Van Halen called Hot for Teacher. Read the lyrics! It is the American Dream! God bless these women! We shouldn’t throw them in prison, we should give them a parade!

Of course if it were the other way around, men having sex with girl students, I would say, BAD BAD BAD, throw them in prison, pedophiles! But come on, these women are HOT! They aren’t even old or ugly! Shouldn’t that count for something???

Ok, now the disclaimer: I have no idea who wrote this blog Katie. I will have to plead insanity. I love you and would never ever condone anything you think is bad. Your haircut looks great. I love you.

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