In 2015, I joined Engagio as Head of Product to build the next-generation marketing platform. The architecture I had in mind combined three areas I perceived as technology gaps in the business world.

  1. Customer Data Platform. There was no holistic source of truth regarding data about prospects and customers. Salesforce had some, marketing automation had some. Email, Calendars, and more, all held vital pieces of the puzzle. A central clearing house of data was required that sync’d data from everywhere.
  2. Orchestrated Action. There was no easy way for marketing and sales to coordinate action. What was needed combined marketing automation with project management and sales tools. A next generation way to work together.
  3. Centralized Analysis. Once you had the data and could take orchestrated action, you need to answer the basic question. Did it work? Should I do more or less of that? An analysis tool closed the loop to provide new data which could be applied to new action.

It’s a large scope to be sure, but the goal was to become a large company worth many billions of dollars. You don’t achieve that playing small.

The products manifested themselves as Scout (Chrome Extension), PlayMaker (Workflow) and ABM Analytics which resided on a data platform. Lastly, I helped the company establish brand elements that could be used for years to come.

The following are selected images, it’s a fairly big app.  Additionally, I have early designs for the product.

Engagio Personas