I joined Marketo in 2007 as their first employee and have worn many hats over the years. It’s been a fascinating ride going from single digit employees to being a world-wide enterprise. Here are some highlights of my time at Marketo:

  • Designed the flagship product from scratch
  • Designed the Sales Insight CRM add-on from scratch
  • Influenced Product Management, Project Management, IT, Support, enablement, Marketing and Product Marketing towards greater quality experiences for employees and our customers
  • Built a team of dedicated UX Designers to own the spec process for all features
  • Took responsibility for the entire Help Article content/experience –
  • Designed the Opty Influence Analyzer (one of my favorites) from scratch. (Patented)
  • Acting VP of Product Marketing
  • Acting VP of Product Management
  • VP of User Experience
  • Chief Product Designer

I have had a big influence on the company, and the company has had a big influence on me. It’s an enormous app, but here are a few screens. These are not comprehensive of the work I did during my 9 years at Marketo.

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